Class-D Speaker Amplifier

The ACS32201 is a low-power, high-fidelity Class-D amplifier targeted at portable applications such as tablet computers, personal navigation devices, portable projectors and speaker docks. Built-in audio processing and a DDX™ Class-D digital speaker amplifier provide high fidelity audio for portable systems with enriched “audio presence”.


  • Highest Efficiency Amplification Technology
  • Filterless Stereo DDX™
  • Class D Speaker Driver
  • Built in audio controls and processing
  • I2S / LJ / RJ data interface
  • Low power with built in power management
  • 2-wire (I2C compatible) control interface
  • 68-pin dual row 6×6 mm Thermal Leadless Array package

Target Applications

  • Tablet Computers
  • Gaming-class Laptops
  • Portable Gaming Platforms
  • Digital Audio Streaming / Connected Audio Accessories
    • Bluetooth™-enabled Docking Stations
    • Wi-Fi (Miracast, Chromecast, AirPlay®)-enabled Docking Stations
    • Lightning-enabled Docking Stations
    • Thunderbolt® I/II/III-enabled Docking Stations / Connectivity Expansion Hubs
    • HDMI™-enabled Docking Stations
    • MHL™-enabled  Docking Stations
    • USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 Gen 1 / 3.1 Gen 2 / USB-C-enabled Docking Stations / Connectivity Expansion Hubs / Tablets / Tablet & Mobile Phone Cases / Portable Projectors
    • Remote Controls / Gaming Controllers with Integrated Audio
  • IoT / Industrial IoT

Product Specification

Interface Amp Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Prog. Clock Clock Support Headphone Amps Spkr. Amp Type Digital Mic. Support Low Power Mode Advanced Features
I2C, I2S 2 2 1.8 No MCLK In None Stereo Class-D None Yes Bass/Treble Enhancement, 3D Stereo


 Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
ACS32201 Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF 671kB 04/2018 1.7