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Class-H DirectConnect™ Headphone Amplifier

The TSDP1xx is a Capless DirectConnect True Ground-Referenced Output Headphone amplifier with independent left/right volume and GPIO control. It provides high-quality audio fidelity with SNR of 105dB and the highest output power up to 170mW (16Ω) per channel of any HP amplifier in it’s class. The differential inputs allow for flexible input configuration that maximizes noise rejection for best-in-class CMRR. Widest load support


  • Class-H TSDP1xx Capless DirectConnect Advantage
    • Eliminates Large Output DC Blocking Capacitors
    • Reduces Board Area
    • Reduces Component Height and Cost
    • Full Bass Response Without Attenuation
    • No “Pop” on start-up or power-down
    • Reduced BOM Cost
    • Class-H architecture reduces power consumption by as much as 45% at typical listening levels
    • Low Quiescent Current
    • Charge-pump design allows for true, ground-centered outputs
  • Independent Left/Right Volume and Mute Control
  • Power Supply Voltage Range: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
  • High Power Supply Rejection Ratio (>100dB PSRR)
  • Differential Inputs for Maximum Noise Rejection Ratio (90dB CMRR)
  • High‐Impedance Outputs When Disabled (Optional Register Controlled – TSDP11x Only)
  • GPIO Control for Hardware Shutdown
  • Advanced Finer Control via Register control (TSDP11x Only)
  • 20 Pin, 4 mm x 4 mm QFN RoHS Package

Target Applications

Product Specifications

Interface Max Continuous Power into 16 Ohms
(< 1% THD+N)
Min Analog Supply Voltage (V) Max Analog Supply Voltage (V) Max Voltage into 10K Ohm Amplifier Architecture Low Power Mode
Differential Analog Input, I2C Control (Optional), Single-Ended Analog Output 170mW 2.5 5.5 2Vrms Stereo Class-H Yes


Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
 TSDP1xx Reference Schematic Reference Schematic PDF 64kB 11-13-17 11-13-17, Rev A
TSDP1xx Product Brief Product Brief PDF 163kB 11-13-17 v1.2.2
TSDP1xx Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF 298kB 12-13-17 v1.3