CODEC + Headphone Amp + Stereo Speaker Amp + 4 Programmable PLLs

The ACS422x00 is a low-powered, high-fidelity integrated CODECs targeted at portable applications such as tablet computers, personal navigation devices, portable projectors and speaker docks. The devices have been designed with rapid customization in mind. TSI is able to rapidly provide varying levels of integration, additional audio processing, more or fewer PLLs, etc., according to the needs of large markets or customers. Contact TSI with your clock programming requirements.


  • High fidelity 24-bit stereo CODEC
    • DAC 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR; THD+N better than -82dB
    • ADC 90dB SNR, THD+N better than -80dB
  • Built in audio controls and processing
    • 3D Stereo Enhancement
    • Dual (cascaded) stereo 6-band parametric equalizers
    • Programmable Compressor/Limiter/Expander
    • Psychoacoustic Bass and Treble enhancement processing
  • Filterless Stereo DDX™ Class-D Speaker Driver
    • 3W/channel (4Ω), 10% THD+N typical
    • 1W/channel (8Ω) or 2W/channel (4Ω), 0.05% THD+N typical
    • Tri-state DDX Class-D achieves low EMI and high efficiency
    • >80% efficiency at 1W
    • Spread spectrum support for reduced EMI output power mode
    • Anti-Pop circuitry
  • On-chip true capless headphone driver
    • 39 mW output power (16Ω)
    • Charge-pump allows true ground centered outputs
    • 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR
  • I2S / LJ / RJ / TDM data interface
  • Microphone/line-in interface
    • Analog microphone or line-in inputs
    • Digital microphone (ACS422D00)
    • Automatic level control
  • On-chip low-jitter PLL for both internal audio clock generation as well as external audio clock generation (up to 4 unique frequencies)
  • Supports an external MCLK or XTAL
    • Optimized for frequencies of 11.2896MHz or 12.288MHz
  • Buffered reference frequency output
  • Low power with built in power management
    • 1.7 V CODEC supports 1Vrms
    • Very low standby and no-signal power consumption
    • 1.8V digital / 1.7V analog supply for low power
  • 2-wire (I2C compatible) control interface
  • 68-pin dual-row 6x6mm TLA (Thermal Leadless Array) Package

Product Specification

Interfaces DAC Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Prog. Clock Clock Support Headphone Amps Spkr. Amp Type Digital Mic. Support Low Power Mode Advanced Features
I2C, I2S 2 2 1.8 Yes REF OUT, XTAL /MCLK In, XTAL Out, ACLK, plus up to 4 Programmable PLL Outputs Clocks 1 Capless,
1 Standard
Stereo Class-D Dual, None Yes 12-Band Stereo PEQ, Wideband DRC Pro-style Multiband Compressor / Limiter / Expander, 3D Stereo Enhancement, Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement, Compressed Audio High-Frequency Restoration


Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
ACS422x00 Reference Schematic Reference Schematic PDF 85kB 12-07-16 12-07-16, Rev A
ACS422xx Family Sample Code Sample Code PDF 383kB 07-16-15 TBD
 ACS422x00 Product Brief Product Brief PDF TBD TBD TBD
 ACS422x00 Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF 741kB 05-18-17 v1.9
 AN02: Configuring Audio Processing Algorithms using the Audio System Configurator (ASC) Tool App Note PDF 1.5MB 06-07-17 06-07-2017, v1.0

Software Support

Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
Tempo ASC Tuning Tool Windows-based GUI Application EXE (Zipped) 851kB 05-11-17 05-08-17 / ASC_0509
Tempo ASC Release Notes Windows-based GUI App Release Notes Text 16kB 05-11-17 05-08-17
Linux Drivers Source Code C N/A 05-11-17 See GitHub