CODEC + Headphone Amp + Stereo Speaker Amp + Xtal Support


The ACS422x67 is a low-power, high-fidelity integrated CODEC targeted at portable applications such as tablet computers, tablet cases, mobile phone cases, personal navigation devices, portable projectors and speaker docks. In addition to a high-fidelity low-power CODEC, the device integrates a stereo DDX™ Class-D speaker amplifier and a true capless headphone amplifier. Beyond high-fidelity for portable systems, the device offers an enriched “audio presence” through built-in audio processing capability.


  • High fidelity 24-bit stereo CODEC
    • DAC 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR; THD+N better than -82dB
    • ADC 90dB SNR, THD+N better than -80dB
  • Built in audio controls and processing
    • 3D Stereo Enhancement
    • Dual (cascaded) stereo 6-band parametric equalizers
    • Programmable Compressor/Limiter/Expander
    • Psychoacoustic Bass and Treble enhancement processing
  • Filterless Stereo DDX™ Class-D Speaker Driver
    • 3W/channel (4Ω), 10% THD+N typical
    • 1W/channel (8Ω) or 2W/channel (4Ω), 0.05% THD+N typical
    • Tri-state DDX Class-D achieves low EMI and high efficiency
    • >80% efficiency at 1W
    • Spread spectrum support for reduced EMI output power mode
    • Anti-Pop circuitry
  • On-chip true capless headphone driver
    • 35 mW output power (16Ω)
    • Charge-pump allows true ground centered outputs
    • 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR
  • I2S / LJ / RJ stereo digital audio interface (post ADC output, pre-DSP input)
  • Stereo microphone / line-in interface
    • Stereo analog microphone or line-in inputs
    • Stereo digital microphone (ACS422D67)
    • Automatic level control
  • On-chip low-jitter PLL for internal audio clock generation
  • Supports an external MCLK or XTAL
    • Optimized for frequencies of 11.2896MHz or 12.288MHz
  • Buffered reference frequency output
  • Low power with built in power management
    • 1.7 V CODEC supports 1Vrms
    • Very low standby and no-signal power consumption
    • 1.8V digital / 1.7V analog supply for low power
  • 2-wire (I2C compatible) control interface
  • 48-pin QFN (Quad Flat No-leads) Package
  • 68-pin dual-row 6x6mm TLA (Thermal Leadless Array) Package

Product Specification

Interfaces DAC Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Prog. Clock Clock Support Headphone Amps Spkr. Amp Type Digital Mic. Support Low Power Mode Advanced Features
I2C, I2S / LJ / RJ 2 2 1.8 Yes  XTAL In /MCLK In, XTAL Out, ACLK 1 Capless,
1 Standard
Stereo Class-D Dual, None Yes 12-Band Stereo PEQ, Wideband DRC Pro-style Multiband Compressor / Limiter / Expander, 3D Stereo Enhancement, Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement, Compressed Audio High-Frequency Restoration


Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
ACS422x67 Reference Schematic Reference Schematic PDF 84kB 12-07-16 12-07-16, Rev A
 ACS42x67 Product Brief Product Brief PDF TBD TBD TBD
 ACS422x67 Data Sheet Data Sheet PDF 670kB 05-18-17 v1.9
AN02: Configuring Audio Processing Algorithms using the Audio System Configurator (ASC) Tool User Guide PDF  1.5M 06-07-17 06-07-2017, v1.0

Software Support

Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
Tempo ASC Tuning Tool Windows-based GUI Application EXE (Zipped) 851kB 05-11-17 05-08-17 / ASC_0509
Tempo ASC Release Notes Windows-based GUI App Release Notes Text 16kB 05-11-17 05-08-17
Linux Drivers Source Code C N/A 05-11-17 See GitHub