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Headphone / Headset / 3.5mm Female Adapter Turn-Key Reference Designs & Module Level Solutions

Traditionally, audio accessory OEM / ODMs only had to focus on doing one thing: Making excellent, sounding portable audio accessory products.

With the advent of the Lightning connector on iDevices as well as USB-C ports on Desktops / Laptops / Tablets / Convertible Tablets / Mobile Phones and even more recently the disappearance of the 3.5mm analog audio jack from multiple product categories, that has brought about a whole new host of market opportunities… as well as whole new host of challenges for these companies.

The TDTSI017 Reference Design – Lightning Strikes & Tempo is there…

The TDTSI016 Reference Design – USB “Type-X” (Type A, Type B Mini, Type B Micro, Type C): More power, near universal acceptance…

The USB-C100 / C101 USB-C Turn-key Module – A Complete Digital Audio Solution Embedded inside the USB-C Connector