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USB-C100, USB-C101 Turn-Key Module

The USB-C100 / C101 USB-C Turn-key Module – A Complete Digital Audio Solution Embedded inside the USB-C Connector

While nearly identical to the TDTSI010 USB-C dongle from a functional standpoint (sans buttons, microphone, board size and cables), the USB-C100 / C101 is Tempo’s USB-C Headphone / HeadsetFemale 3.5mm Adapter embedded connector complete module. It also features the brand new CP2616 – USB to I2S Digital Audio Bridge Controller from SiLabs. This highly cost-effective solution is targeted at Android / Windows / MacOS X / Linux OS-powered mobile / desktop / laptop / tablet devices. The TSIEXT001 is available to all customers upon execution of a mutual NDA.

Unlike the TDTSI0101 turn-key reference design which connects the buttons to the CP2615 via discrete GPIO signals (removing the need for an additional PCB), the USB-C100 / C101 turn-key modules enable ANY OEM or ODM to simply convert their current Android-compatible 3.5 mm headset using either a single push button, 2 push buttons, or even 3 push buttons which are designed using a simple resistor-ladder network.

The conversion process is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1.) Solder the 4 wires from a 3.5mm headset to the 4 pads on the end of the USB-C100 / C101 turn-key module.

2.) Wrap USB-C100 / C101 module in plastic.

3.) Ship product.

It just doesn’t get any easier.

USB-C100 vs. USBC-101

The USB-C100 and USB-C101 are electrically identical, however, the USB-C101 offers a different configuration of firmware that enables all of the various processing capabilities of the USB-C101 to be controlled via an Android App.

Please contact sales@temposemi.com if you are interested in learning more about the USB-C100 / C101 turn-key module or obtaining a sample of the USBC-100 or USB-C101 module free of charge.


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