General Description

Starting with the TSDP18xx 8:1 Digital Mic Aggregator, Tempo Semiconductor is now launching the first in a planned family of ultra-low power, high-fidelity discrete products targeted at a wide variety of markets including: consumer entertainment, gaming accessories, professional audio, automotive, robotics, military & government applications, IoT & IIoT.

With its ultra-low standby power consumption  (< 1uA) and high-efficiency in operating mode, this class of device is well-suited for portable / battery-powered applications as well as wall powered devices.

Regardless of the brand or model of PDM DMIC, the TSDP18xx is well suited to extract the absolute maximum SNR as well as be able to handle DMICs with incredibly high AOPs. With its jaw-dropping SNR (> 142dB, 20Hz ~ 20kHz), 6th order filtering, 24-bit signal processing architecture and support for up to 384kHz Fs capable DMICs, the TSDP18xx has been designed with the future of DMICs and ultrasonic applications in mind.

Target Applications

  • Gaming Platforms
  • Digital Audio Streaming / Connected Audio Accessories / Voice Activated Products
    • Wi-Fi (Miracast, Chromecast, AirPlay® 2) / Bluetooth™ / USB-enabled Headsets / Docking Stations / Powered Speakers / IoT Products
    • Multimedia Players with integrated Voice Activation Support
  • Drones / UAVs
  • Robotics
  • Ultrasonic Applications
  • Beamforming
  • Industrial IoT


  • TSDP18xx : Octal PDM to TDM Converter