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PC Audio – A Legacy that Lives On

With a near quarter century history in PC Audio, Tempo traces its technological and management roots to the founding days of SigmaTel (founded in Austin, Texas in 1993) to the PC Audio Division of IDT (formed in 2006). Today, Tempo (founded in 2014) continues it’s rich legacy by continuing to provide a truly comprehensive audio solutions to the PC and Embedded Design world, with uncompromising customer support and product life cycles that other vendors simply would never consider committing to, making us the premier choice of Industrial PCs and IIoT vendors.

Regardless if the interface is HD Audio, AC’97, I2S or even Soundwire, Tempo is well-positioned to service the PC, IIoT and Embedded Design world.

Added Value Differentiation

In addition to supporting some of the most popular audio enhancement standards such as Dolby, DTS, and Waves; Tempo has also developed a variety of royalty-free audio enhancement algorithms that run on the PC in SW. These include, but are not limited to, multiband Parametric EQ, Wideband DRC / Expander / Limiter (necessary to ensure drivers always remain in the Safe Operating Area), Tone Control, Loudness Contour, Tempo Bass™ psychouacoustic enhancement, High-Frequency Content Restoration, Mic Beam Forming, Noise Suppression, and Tempo 3D Surround™ that can be tuned by the OEM or ISV to produce a truly compelling, yet royalty-free, immersive audio experience.

Highly Efficient Amplification

At the heart of Tempo PC and Laptop audio solution, is the high-fidelity, ultra-low power semiconductor IP technology that has the capability to change the “fidelity” to “power” quotient across the industry. These solutions include high-performance, 2Vrms Class-H headphone amplifiers for Gaming-class systems as well as integrate speaker amplifiers with the highly efficient DDX™ ternary modulation technology.

A Reliable Supply of HD Audio and AC’97 Codecs from a Reliable Vendor

With a wide variety of HDA and AC’97 multichannel and stereo codecs, with the longest committed lifecycle and widest temperature range support, you can be assured that Tempo will have the solution for you not only today, but well into the next coming decade.

Gaming Headphones Need a Gaming Headphone Amplifier

With more and more Desktops / Laptops / Notebooks / Convertible Tablet PCs striving for an enhanced audio experience for 3D FPS as well as Interactive VR gaming, there is an increased demand an enhanced audio experience which requires the ability to really drive the most demanding gaming headphones.

The TSDP1xx Family of 2Vrms / 170mW (16 Ohm) Headphone Amplifiers is the perfect addition to any HD Audio Codec you are using today. It delivers more power with the widest load drive capability than any other solution on the market today all while using Class-H technology to really make the most out of the available power.

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