Headphone AmplifiersGeneral Description

The Tempo Semiconductor family of ultra-low-power, high-fidelity Speaker and Headphone amplifiers are targeted at a wide variety of markets including: consumer mobile & home, gaming accessories, professional audio, and even IoT / industrial IoT.

With their ultra-low power consumption and high-efficiency, this class of devices are well-suited for portable and battery-powered applications, such as the Target Applications listed below.

In addition to our high-efficiency, high-reliability, wide-range format support digital audio inputs & outputs (I2S / LJ / RJ / TDM) or differential audio inputs, we offer three amplifiers which suite a majority of the battery-powered portable audio applications on the market.

For speaker applications with an impedance ranging from 8 Ohms to 2 Ohms, the highly energy-efficient and cost-effective TSDP90xx is now also being offered.

Tempo now also offers our new, high-efficiency, differential input, DirectConnect™ TSDP11xx / TSDP10xx  family of stereo 2Vrms (10KΩ) line drivers / 170mW (16Ω) headphone amplifier with and without I2C control.

Target Applications

  • Tablet Computers
  • Gaming-class Laptops
  • Portable Gaming Platforms
  • Digital Audio Streaming / Connected Audio Accessories
    • Bluetooth™-enabled Headphones / Headsets / Docking Stations / Adapters
    • Wi-Fi (Miracast, Chromecast, AirPlay®)-enabled Headphones / Headsets / Docking Stations
    • Lightning-enabled Headphones / Headsets / Docking Stations / Adapters
    • Thunderbolt® I/II/III-enabled Headphones / Headsets / Docking Stations / Connectivity Expansion Hubs / Adapters
    • HDMI™-enabled VR / AR Headphones and Headsets
    • MHL™-enabled VR / AR Headphones and Headsets
    • USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 Gen 1 / 3.1 Gen 2 / USB-C-enabled Headphones / Headsets / Docking Stations / Connectivity Expansion Hubs / Tablets / Mobile Phones / Tablet & Mobile Phone Cases / Portable Projectors
    • Remote Controls / Gaming Controllers with Headphone Jacks
  • IoT / Industrial IoT


  • TSDP90xx : Stereo 3W/ch Class-D DDX Digital Speaker Driver with Analog Inputs
  • TSDP11xx / TSDP10xx : Low-power Class-H DirectConnect™ Differential Input, Single-Ended Output, Stereo 2Vrms (10KΩ) Line Driver / 170mW (16Ω) Headphone Amplifier, with (TSDP11xx) or without (TSDP10xx) I2C control