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Gamers increasingly demand mind-blowing immersive audio as part of the game playing experience, in addition to the lowest possible latency. Tempo audio codecs include a wide variety of royalty-free audio processing technology including the Tempo Bass™, High-Frequency Content Restoration, Tempo 3D Surround™, Pro-Style Multiband Compressor / Limiter / Expander, Wideband DRC, 24-bands of configurable BiQuad filters that can be configured as an APF (All-Pass Filter), BPF (Band-Pass Filter), HPF (High-Pass Filter), LPF (Low-Pass Filter), Peaking filter, or Notch filter.

There are two key areas where Gamer’s absolutely refuse to compromise:

Deep Bass + High Power

Thanks to the customizable Tempo Bass algorithm, the configurable BiQuad filters, and the adjustable Tempo 3D Surround algorithm as well as the high-current Headphone Amplifier technology integrated inside our I2S Audio Codecs as well as our TSDP1xx stand-alone 2Vrms Headphone Amplifier, the ODM / OEM has the tools necessary to drive even the lowest efficiency (e.g. < 90dB) / highest impedance drivers e.g. > 600 Ohms) on the market.

Ultra-Low Latency

The other area where Gamer’s simply refused to compromise is in the area of latency. Ask any avid FPS Gamer and they will tell you that you simply cannot afford to have a longer latency system than your competitor if you want to have “the edge”. Be it with your internet connection latency, your video lag, or your audio lag. While wireless is certainly a convenience factor, you will never catch any gaming pros playing with any type of product that involves a wireless links unless they simply can’t help it. The reason being is that they understand that all wireless consumer protocols are “best efforts” whether that be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or some other wireless protocol. For these discerning consumers, a wired connection like USB Type-C is the ONLY choice of Headset design they will accept, regardless of the platform.