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Octal PDM to TDM Converter

With the brand new, game-changing 8:1 Digital PDM Mic Aggregator that converts the PDM data into 16-bit or 24-bit Linear PCM in either I2S (1 or 2 channels), Left-Justified (1 or 2 channels) or TDM (1 ~ 8 channels)  solution like the TSDP18xx, an ultra-fast time to market 2 to 8 digital mic Voice Activated Speaker / Touch Screen or other voice input class device can be realized leveraging our brand new TSDP18xx Octal PDM to TDM Converter ASIC.

Offload your SOC / Audio Processor / DSP with the highest performance / lowest power / lowest cost / highest density Digital Mic Aggregator solution available on the market today

Why not offload your DSP, Audio Processor, and/or Multicore SOC today and let the TSDP18xx handle take care of this functionality?

The TSDP18xx enables a way lower cost point / power consumption point vs. ANY of the alternative design approaches being today adopted today.

With it’s > 142dB SNR, up to 384kHz Fs support, 24-bit output, the TSDP18xx is ready to take on even the most state-of-the-art DMIC available today, and well into the future!



Need to support more DMIC inputs than your SOC allows?

Is your DSP, Audio Processor, and/or Multicore SOC lacking the necessary number of native PDM inputs?

Are you burning hundreds of mA in current just to perform PDM decimation inside your audio front-end device,  DSP or multicore SOC?

Are you losing an entire processor or core performing this task when it could be repurposed for value-added end-product differentiation?

Are I2S or TDM output DMICs simply too expensive or power hungry for your design?


Need to support more DMIC inputs, but don’t know how?

Do you need to design a HIGH-PERFORMANCE Far-Field Smart Speaker with up to 8 channels of digital mic inputs but don’t like the performance / power / cost / PCB board size implications of the alternatives?

Start with the TSCS42xx Raspberry Pi Audio HAT Evaluation Board, corresponding reference designs files and either keeps the TSCS42xx (or replace it with the TSCS454xx multichannel codec) and then just add the TSDP18xx Octal PDM to TDM Converter.



Product Specification

Interfaces SNR (20Hz ~ 20kHz) IOVDD DVDD Ultra Low Power Consumption Advanced Features
8 x PDM Inputs;
1 x I2S / LJ / TDM Output
>142dB 1.8V or 3.3V 1.8V Yes, < 1uA
  • Wide Fs support: 8kHz up to 384kHz
  • Wide Offering of Oversampling Support Options: 32x, 48x, 64x, 96x, 128x, 192x, 256x, 384x, 512x
  • 6th Order, 24-bit Filtering
  • Supports either 2 Channel I2S / LJ output format or TDM format capable
    of supporting from 1 up to 8 channels of up 32-bit words
  • Supports SLCK polarity inversion
  • Supports FRMCLK widths from clock width to word-width
  • Supports I2S using two mono, single-edge clocked PDM DMICs or I2S using two mono DMICs or a stereo, double-edge clocked DMIC


Title Type Format File Size Post Date File Date / Version
 TSDP18xx Reference Schematic (Available Under NDA) Reference Schematic PDF TBD TBD TBD
TSDP18xx Product Brief Product Brief PDF 1785kB 06-20-18 06-20-18, v0.81
TSDP18xx Data Sheet (Available Under NDA) Data Sheet PDF 1.87MB 06-20-18 06-20-18, v0.81


Want to evaluate the TSDP18xx Octal PDM to TDM Evaluation Board, get hold of some samples, or get hold of the complete data sheet or evaluation board design files? Just contact sales@temposemi.com!