Multichannel CODEC + Headphone Amp + Analog Mic

The TSCS454xx is a low-power, high-fidelity CODEC with an integrated fixed function audio DSP targeted to consumer, professional, commercial and industrial applications such as personal audio appliances that require support for multichannel analog or digital inputs and outputs. The CODEC also integrates a filterless 3W/channel (4Ω) stereo speaker amplifier, mono earpiece amplifier / subwoofer line out, and a ground-referenced, capless stereo Class-H 40mW (16Ω) headphone amplifier.


  • High fidelity 32-bit stereo CODEC
    • DAC 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR; THD+N better than -82dB
    • ADC 90dB SNR, THD+N better than -80dB
    • Stereo Input Side and Output Side ASRCs
    • I2S / LJ / RJ / Intel TDM / Traditional TDM input data interface in addition to 2 x I2S / LJ / RJ input data interfaces
      • Capable of accepting up to 4 discrete channels of analog or digital audio
    • I2S / LJ / RJ / Intel TDM / Traditional TDM output data interface in addition to 2 x I2S / LJ / RJ output data interfaces
      • Capable of outputting up to 5 discretely processed channels of analog or digital audio
  • Built in audio controls and processing
    • 3D Stereo Enhancement
    • Up to 24-bands (12-bands / channel) of fully configurable peaking parametric equalizers / configurable alternate filters (HPF, LPF, etc)
    • Multiband Compressor / Limiter / Expander
    • Wideband DRC
    • Psychoacoustic Bass and Treble Enhancement
  • Filterless Stereo DDX™ Class-D Speaker Driver
    • 3W/channel (4Ω), 10% THD+N typical
    • 1W/channel (8Ω) or 2W/channel (4Ω), 0.05% THD+N typical
    • Tri-state DDX Class-D achieves low EMI and high-efficiency
    • >80% efficiency at 1W
    • Spread spectrum support for reduced EMI output power mode
  • Anti-Pop circuitry
  • On-chip capless headphone driver
    • 39mW output power (16Ω)
    • Charge-pump allows true ground-centered outputs
    • 124dB SNR / 102dB DNR
    • Headphone detection
  • Microphone/line-in interface
    • Analog microphone, digital microphone or line-in inputs
    • Automatic level control
  • On-chip low-jitter PLL for internal audio clock generation
    • Supports an use of an external MCLK source or low-cost XTAL
    • Optimized for frequencies of 11.2896MHz or 12.288MHz
    • Buffered reference frequency output
  • Low power with built in power management
    • Very low standby and “no-signal detected” power consumption
    • 1.7 V CODEC supports 1Vrms output
    • 1.8V digital / 1.7V analog supply ensures low power consumption
  • 2-wire (I2C compatible) control interface
  • 68-pin 8x8mm QFN (Quad Flat No-leads) Package

Product Specification

InterfacesDAC Mono Channels (#)ADC Mono Channels (#)Analog Supply Voltage (V)Prog. ClockClock SupportHeadphone Amps / Line OutsSpkr. Amp TypeAnalog Mic Support, Digital Mic SupportLow Power ModeAdvanced Features
1 x I2C,
3 x I2S / LJ / RJ inputs or 1 x Intel TDM / Traditional TDM input,
3 x I2S / LJ / RJ output or 1 x Intel TDM / Traditional TDM output
5*4**1.8Yes XTAL /CLK In, ACLK1 Stereo Capless,
1 Mono Standard
Stereo Class-DDXUp to 2,
Up to 4
Yes12-Band Stereo PEQ, Wideband DRC Pro-style Multiband Compressor / Limiter / Expander, 3D Stereo Enhancement, Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement, Compressed Audio High-Frequency Restoration

* (2 of which are composed of Class-DDX)
**(2 of which are dedicated for DMEMs inputs)


TitleTypeFormatFile SizePost DateFile Date / Version
 TSCS454xx Reference SchematicReference SchematicPDF74kB10-26-1510-26-15, Rev A
TSCS454xx Product BriefProduct BriefPDF161kB04-19-2017v1.0
TSCS454xx Data SheetData SheetPDF2,458kB4-12-18v1.4
 AN02: Configuring Audio Processing Algorithms using the Audio System Configurator (ASC) ToolApp NotePDF1.5MB06-07-1706-07-2017, v1.0

Software Support

TitleTypeFormatFile SizePost DateFile Date / Version
Tempo ASC Tuning ToolWindows-based GUI ApplicationEXE (Zipped)851kB05-11-1705-08-17 / ASC_0509
Tempo ASC Release NotesWindows-based GUI App Release NotesText16kB05-11-1705-08-17
Linux DriversSource CodeCN/A05-11-17See GitHub