…is part of what makes Tempo stand out from the competition.

For example, our Windows-based ASC Tool.

When it comes to the stage of acoustically tuning your product, nothing is worse than having to work with complex development tools that you had no say in even selecting, as they are just what is offered by the IC vendor.

At Tempo we understand that all too well the challenges that acoustical engineers face, hence why our ASC GUI Tool is one of the simplest, most intuitive and flexible to use in the industry.

What could be simpler than using a graphical interface to set your filter type, Fc, & Q / BW for up to 12 unique bands?

However, while some tools might be simple for the acoustical engineer to use, when it comes to the task of generating the microcontroller code that implements the programming of the registers in the DSP, some companies leave these programmers to have to practically reverse-engineer the proprietary output file just to be able to extract the necessary bytes that they need to place into their C code as an array. Again, Tempo offers a substantial number of export formats that will dramatically simplify the job of the programmer.

For iOS or Android-based portable audio accessories, we even offer complete turn-key Apps, not just “reference source code” leaving the ODM to figure out how to glue all of the necessary pieces together that enable the end-product to be customized by the consumer and/or to offer field firmware updating.

Tempo offers much more than just audio ICs.

We are truly a complete, turn-key solution provider.