92HD65C (Download Data Sheet)

Six Channel HD Audio CODEC

The 92HD65C is a low power optimized, high fidelity,6-channel audio codec compatible with Intel’s High Definition(HD)Audio Interface.

The 92HD65C provides high quality, HD Audio capability to notebook and desktop PC applications


  • 6 Channels (2 stereo ADCs) with 24-bit resolution
  • Full HDA015-B and EuP low power support
      • Audio inactivity transitions codec from D0 to D3 low
        power mode
    • Resume from D3 to D0 with audio activity in < 10 msec
  • D3 to D0 transition with < -65dB pop/click
  • Port presence detect in D3 with or without bit clock
  • PC beep wake up in D3
  • Additional vendor specific modes for even lower power
  • Microsoft WLP premium logo compliant
  • 5 analog ports with port presence detect*
  • 3 integrated headphone amplifiers
  • 2 Capless headphone amplifiers
  • 3 or 4 ports support adjustable microphone bias*
  • Dual SPDIF outputs for WLP compliant support of
    simultaneous HDMI and SPDIF output
  • SPDIF Input
  • Two digital microphone inputs (mono, stereo or
  • High performance analog mixer
  • +5 V or +3.3V analog power supply
  • Digital and Analog PC Beep to all outputs
  • 40-pin QFN RoHS packages

Product Specification

Interface DAC Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) HDA Bus Voltage (V) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Ports (#) GPIOs (#) Headphone Amps SPDIF out SPDIF in Advanced Features
I2S, HD Audio 4 4 1.5, 3.3 5 6 4 1 Cap-less, 1 Standard Dual None Bandpass filter, Input Mic Mute, High pass filter



Title Type Format File Size Date
92HD65C Reference Schematic  Reference Schematic  PDF 73kB 11-1-2018
92HD65C Reference Schematic Verb Table  Reference Schematic Verb Table  TXT  1kB  11-2-2018