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The 92HD68D is a high fidelity, 8-channel audio codec compatible with the Intel High Definition (HD)
Audio Interface. The 92HD68D codec provides high quality, HD Audio capability notebooks and
desktops. the 92HD68E is a 10 Channel, and the 92HD68F supports content protection.
The 92HD68D is designed to meet or exceed premium logo requirements for Microsoft’s Windows
Logo Program (WLP) per Logo Point.
The 92HD68D provides stereo 24-bit, full duplex resolution supporting sample rates up to 192kHz by
the DAC and ADC. 92HD68D SPDIF outputs support sample rates of 192kHz, 176.4kHz, 96kHz,
88.2kHz, 48kHz, and 44.1kHz.
The 92HD68D supports a wide range of notebook and desktop 8-channel configurations. The 2 independent
SPDIF output interfaces provides connectivity to Consumer Electronic equipment like Dolby
Digital decoders, powered speakers, mini disk drives or to a home entertainment system. Simultaneous
HDMI and SPDIF output is possible.
MIC inputs can be programmed with 0/10/20/30dB boost. For more advanced configurations, the
92HD68D has up to 7 General Purpose I/O (GPIO).
The port presence detect capabilities allow the codecs to detect when audio devices are connected
to the codec. The fully parametric TSI SoftEQ can be initiated upon headphone jack insertion and
removal for protection of notebook speakers.
The 92HD68D operates with a 3.3V digital supply and a 5V analog supply. It can also work with 1.5V
and 3.3V HDA signaling.
The 92HD68D is available in a 48-pin QFP or 40-pad QFN Environmental (ROHS) package.


  • 8 Channels (4 stereo DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) or
  • 10 Channels (5 stereo DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) Supports full-duplex 7.1 audio and simultaneous VoIP
  • 24-bit resolution
  • Supports full-duplex 5.1 audio and simultaneous VoIP
  • ECR 15b and EuP low power support
  • Microsoft WLP premium logo compliant, per Logo Point
  • 8 analog ports with port presence detect + CD In
  • 3 integrated headphone amps
  • 4 adjustable VREF Out pins for microphone bias
  • Dual SPDIF for WLP compliant support of simultaneous HDMI and SPDIF output
  • SPDIF Input
  • Digital microphone input (mono or stereo or quad)
  • High performance analog mixer
  • Support for 1.5V and 3.3V HDA signaling
  • Digital and Analog PC Beep to all outputs
  • 48-pin QFP and 40-pad QFN RoHS packages

Product Specification

InterfaceDAC Mono Channels (#)ADC Mono Channels (#)HDA Bus Voltage (V)Analog Supply Voltage (V)Ports (#)GPIOs (#)Headphone AmpsSPDIF outSPDIF inAdvanced Features
HD Audio8/1041.5, 3.35551 Cap-less, 1 StandardDualNoneHigh pass filter



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