92HD81B (Download Data Sheet)


The 92HD81B single-chip audio system is a low power optimized, high fidelity, 4-channel audio codec with integrated speaker amplifier, capless headphone amplifier, and low drop out voltage regulator. The high integration of the 92HD81 enables the smallest PCB footprint with the lowest system BOM count and cost. The integrated high-pass filter allows for speaker protection. The 92HD81B provides high quality HD Audio capability to notebook and business desktop PC applications.


  • 2 Full Duplex Stereo 24-bit ADCs and 24-bit DACs
  • 2W/channel Class-AB stereo speaker amplifier @ 4 ohms and 4.75V
  • Internal core voltage regulator
  • 2 Integrated Headphone Amplifiers, one cap-less
  • Dedicated BTL high pass filter for speaker protection
  • Full HDA015-B low power support
  • Support for 1.5V and 3.3V HDA signaling
  • Quad Digital Microphone Support
  • Dual SPDIF Outputs
  • 48 pin QFN 7mm X 7mm Package

Product Specification

Interface DAC Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) HDA Bus Voltage (V) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Ports (#) GPIOs (#) Headphone Amps SPDIF out SPDIF in Advanced Features
HD Audio 4 4 1.5, 3.3 5 6 3 1 Cap-less, 1 Standard Dual None High pass filter


Title Type Format File Size Date
 92HD81 Reference Schematic  Reference Schematic  PDF  158 KB  07-01-16
 92HD81 Reference Schematic Verb Table  Verb Table  TXT  1 KB  07-01-16