92HD91B (Download Data Sheet)

Single Chip PC Audio System: CODEC + Speaker Amplifier + Capless HP + LDO

The 92HD91B single-chip audio system is a low power optimized, high fidelity, 4-channel audio codec with integrated speaker amplifier, capless headphone amplifier, and low drop out voltage regulator. The integrated combo jack allows for dual-function headphone and headset detection. The integrated high-pass and band-pass filters allow for Hardware EQ and speaker protection.


  • 2 Full Duplex Stereo 24-bit ADCs and 24-bit DACs
  • 3W/channel Class-D stereo speaker amplifier @ 4 ohms and 5V
  • Hardware EQ and Compressor Limiter
  • Capless headphone amplifier with charge pump/LDO
  • Dual SPDIF Outputs and AUX Audio Mode for playback and record
  • Combo Jack Support allowing for dual-function headphone and headset detection
  • Dedicated BTL high pass filter and Mono bandpass filter for speaker protection
  • Full HDA015-B low power support
  • Internal digital core LDO voltage regulator
  • 48 pin QFN 7mm X 7mm Package


Product Specification

Interface DAC Mono Channels (#) ADC Mono Channels (#) HDA Bus Voltage (V) Analog Supply Voltage (V) Ports (#) GPIOs (#) Headphone Amps SPDIF out SPDIF in Advanced Features
HD Audio 4 4 1.5, 3.3 5 6 5 1 Standard, 1 Cap-less Dual None High pass filter, Bandpass filter, Input Mic Mute


Title Type Format File Size Date
 92HD91 Reference Schematic Reference Schematic PDK  154kB  05-01-15
 92HD91 Reference Schematic Verb Table  Verb Table  TXT  1kB  11-01-18